To our valued membership –

Due to the evolving pandemic conditions, GLPOA is making decisions with regard to the operation of the association for the 2020 season. Some of these decisions are difficult but we are acting in what we believe to be the best interests of the GLPOA community.

We are hopeful that our membership will understand and support the changes that we feel necessary for a scaled down operation for GLPOA this year and for our sustainability for the future.

Our Spring 2020 newsletter will be an abbreviated version from previous years, and will be published in an online format only. We hope to have this available on our website in early May.

The Annual General Meeting scheduled for 4 July 2020 is now postponed indefinitely. A new date will be established as dictated by the pandemic situation. Stay tuned for further advice on this.

The 2020 Poker Run is cancelled for this year. This event is sponsor driven, and as you are aware, our local businesses are struggling through this time and for the foreseeable future. We ask that you continue to support all of our local merchants as they face their own challenges at this time. To that end, GLPOA is waiving corporate sponsorship fees for this year; it’s our turn to give back to the businesses who have never within our 15 year history hesitated to support GLPOA.

With the 2020 freshet imminent, we are looking at another challenge, but one that we have faced and survived in the past. Ron Rimmer has agreed to monitor and to post water level and other relevant information regarding this matter on our FaceBook and website.

With respect to membership, residential canvassing is on hold indefinitely and we are exploring other options to reach our valued members this year. We recognize that your support continues to be the main reason GLPOA is successful, and we want to continue to be there to support you. The membership fee remains at $20. If you are willing – and financially able – to make a membership payment for 2020, you can do so by e-transfer or by credit card (details on our website). We still believe our canvassers and canvassing system are an important function of our association; not only one way to raise funds, but a way to keep our cottagers personally informed about GLPOA activities and interests. To that end, we hope to be able to carry out regular canvassing later in the season, but will keep you advised as to how this develops. GLPOA may not be deemed an essential service, but we want to maintain our presence – if in a scaled down form – as your partner and voice on the lake through these very challenging times. We are all in this – and will get through it – together.

GLPOA Board of Directors and Executive